About Us

The main goals of SIG-CSLP (The Special Interest Group on Chinese Spoken Language Processing) are to promote research interests and activities on Chinese Spoken Language Processing among ISCA members; provide a platform to exchange idea exchange, share experiences and facilitate developments to those who are interested in Chinese Spoken Language Processing; sponsor meetings, workshops and other events related to Chinese Spoken Language Processing; and whenever possible make available resources relevant to research in Chinese Spoken Language Processing such as text and speech corpora, analysis tools, research papers and generated data to the community.

SIG-CSLP was established on August 24, 2002 at the third International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing (ISCSLP 2002) held in Taipei. A total of 141 participants attended the Symposium general assembly and unanimously approved the set up of SIG-CSLP, making the event the first General Assembly of SIG-CSLP as well. The assembly also approved and passed a constitution, which was duly submitted and passed by ISCA later.

Another SIG-CSLP general assembly was held on December 15, 2006 during ISCSLP 2006 held in Singapore. SIG officers including the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary were elected. The assembly also agreed to set up four working groups, Corpora, Website and Membership, Community Relations and Events, to involve more colleagues in SIG affairs and aid SIG business in general.

Current SIG-CSLP officers are: 

ChairpersonMinghui Dong      Institute for Infocomm Research, Agency for Science Technology and Research, Singapore 
Vice ChairpersonLei XieNorthwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an
SecretaryHung-yi LeeNational Taiwan University, Taipei